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Nonton The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) Film Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Movie Download
GenreAction, Adventure, FantasyActor, , ,
DirectorCountryGermany, Usa
5.2 /10 from 119004 users
Release01 July 2008Duration


In ancient China, Qin Shi Huang, a brutal and tyrannical warlord, unites the country’s kingdoms into an empire and becomes The Dragon Emperor. He orders the construction of the Great Wall of China to bury and curse his dead enemies. The Emperor’s mystics teach him supernatural mastery over the Five Elements. Years later, he begins to grow fearful that all he has accomplished will be lost upon his death. He hears of a sorceress, Zi Yuan, who is said to know the secret of immortality and sends his henchman, General Ming Guo, to bring her to the palace. When Ming finds her, they fall in love. After she seemingly casts a spell on the Emperor in Sanskrit, a language he does not understand, after discovering their love affair, and having feelings for her as well, has Ming executed and after she refuses his proposal, he stabs her. Revealing that she has foreseen these events, Zi Yuan immolates and detains the Emperor transforming his army into the Terracotta Army, and the sorceress flees.


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